MobiCam 70002 Indoor Camera


Indoor surveillance is no longer a really expensive and hard to find thing. Many people use indoor surveillance systems in order to protect their assets and the new MobiCam Color Camera is one of the best solutions to monitor the activities of your children. They are used together with the Handheld Video Monitor and they allow you to keep a very close eye on your child when you are not at home and it also makes for a great tool for observing the nanny. The signal of this camera is quite long and goes in pretty much all the environments. The signal can be received from 300 feet away. There are a lot of design variants and one can connect up to 3 cameras together. These nice cameras have features like automatic, voice-activated video transmission plus the night vision with I/R capability. The whole package has the camera, the power adapter and the wall-mounting kit.

This nice MobiCam Indoor Camera functions like an additional camera, part of the MobiCam System. This means you can monitor one more camera if you want, if you already have the video system from MobiCam.

The Product Features

  • functions with the 70001 System from MobiCam
  • it lets you see what happens in more than 1 room at a time
  • works using batteries or A/C

The Product Details

  • the product dimensions are 3.5 by 5 by 8.8 inches with a weight of 1.2 pounds
  • shipping weight is 1.2 pounds

This camera was used for the past two years and there were no problems with it during this period. The wireless system was also used and it worked as advertised. The night vision works perfectly and the quality of the pictures is really nice.

Mobi MobiCam System

The camera we are talking about has a 2″ extra large high resolution display. Its audio/video output allows the monitor to connect to internet and to the TV. The sound is clear and you can place it at home or in the office. You can see by using the night vision display up to a distance of 25 feet. It allows you to operate 2 cameras. This transmission has a range that goes up to 300 feet indoors. You can use it either with batteries or AC.

Product Features

  • Compact camera
  • Receiver
  • Auto camera scan
  • Internet kit optional that allows user to view it from all over the world
  • Large 2″ display expandable to 2 cameras
  • Audio Video output that can be plugged into TV, VCR, DVD’s

If you want an affordable product that comes with great features than this is it. It works really well and has little interference. You will love to turn of the monitor during the night and just leave the sound on, so if the baby makes noises you can just flip the monitor on and see if he’s OK. The quality is great and it will probably satisfy your needs.

At first you might not expect much from this camera because it is not so expensive so you don’t expect the quality to be good. When you start using it however, you will find out that it works quite well.

When the baby makes noises you can turn on the view screen and see what is going on. It is a great choice and it gives you your money’s worth. Try it if you have the time and you will not be disappointed in its results and the daily on going performance.